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What our clients are saying

I wanted to thank BASE3 for the completion of the Keeton Corrections job.  The professionalism that was exhibited was outstanding.  You were able to hit the deadline without sacrificing any quality.

I would not hesitate to use BASE 3 again for any of my jobs and would highly recommend them to anyone else.

Lyle Pittman, Owner


Base3 Facility Automation can deliver results, meet your expectations, and simplify the complex world of building automation. As a fully licensed company with a combined sixty (60) years of professional installations, our team will help you get started.

Quality of Care: Our client driven values have created and maintained relationships with some of the most sought-after clients in the Healthcare, Education, Government, and Commercial/Industrial market sectors.  Our business model delivers a high level of customer service no matter where our clients grow, which means our priority is placed on the success of our clients no matter where they are geographically located. Our 24/7 Client Emergency Response system is also vital to our client-driven commitment.

Quality Service and Performance: Our quality service and performance is based on our high level of employee professionalism, qualifications, and experience. We are ideally located to provide you with the best quality of service during the pre-construction and post construction phases. Your Project Manager and Superintendent is well qualified in both the mechanical and controls field and our mechanical, electrical, and low voltage divisions bring an added value to the project.

Quality Choice in Programming and in Manufacturers: Our quality choice commitment will provide you with the opportunity to integrate with different protocols for ease of future expansion.

Proven Safety and Training Record: Proper training is a top priority within our company to ensure the safety of our clients and our employees. We are fully trained to work within heavily occupied and active areas, sterile environments, and areas occupied by children.

Collectively, our team will work seamlessly and diligently to automate building and business functions; integrate the various subsystems of buildings to create an environment that is safe, productive, energy efficient, environmentally conscience, and integrates well with your team.